Soft bread with cheese and buttercreame toppings. Definitely worth the try!


Delivery is thru Lalamove, Grab, Mr Speedy or TokTok


We accept BPI, BDO, Paypal and Gcash payment.


We serve freshly baked goodies every day, so we'll deeply appreciate it if you send us your orders a day before your date of pickup or delivery.

Just roll with it!

Enjoy our cinnamon rolls, chocolate rolls and cheese rolls!

Two Berries Shortcake

You will surely love our two-berries shortcake!


I watch Mom, Auntie, and my Lolas while they roll and shape and sprinkle baked wonders every Saturday, because it is the only day they could get together at home. Yup! Our homemade breads, cakes, and desserts are made by two generations of homemakers.

Food + People

Mom said that food brings people closer together. When the pandemic ends, I wish to meet you all soon and show you our happy kitchen. For now, let’s be friends here and let’s start baking!

Made with Love

Mom and Auntie make baked wonders for you the same way they bake for me! And my sweet dad. And my culinary Lolos and Lolas of Bulacan. And my hungry Titos. And my food critic Titas. They never settle for less because they know family deserves only the best.