Hi, I’m Little Luna!

My mom and dad are computer rockstars.

Then, Covid the bad guy came! Mom, Dad, and I had to hide in our house for a loooong time. Since mom could no longer go outside to eat her favorite sweets, she thought of making them herself. 

Mom watched hours and hours of video too-tor-yuls. After gathering up her courage, clings and clangs in our kitchen went. Oh, how the kitchen lit up!

After a while, Auntie the baker joined Mom. Clings and clangs, whish and swoosh, glob and whirr in our kitchen went. Now the kitchen has become noisy!

When Mom and Auntie emerged from the kitchen, they brought with them satisfied smiles and a delicious smell that made my baby mouth water. Was it chocolate? Was it cinnamon? Was it cheese?

Mom and Auntie visited the kitchen almost every day and filled the house with baked wonder. They started to give them out to their friends. They made so many friends happy that Dad had to drive outside and deliver them to more. The next thing I knew, Mr. RideEat, Mr. Speedy, and Mr. Lalamove joined the delivery spree!

I am not sure if koo-wa-ran-teen is over now, but I’ve never seen our kitchen this happy. For my mom and dad, I may be the life of the family. But for our house, it’s our kitchen… definitely!

Love, Little Luna.